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The when, where, what, who and why of Aperitivo.

Sometimes referred to as Italy’s take on happy hour, Aperitivo is a daily occasion where light drinks and snacks are enjoyed in good company with friends and family before dinner.


Aperitivo can be enjoyed any time from early afternoon and into the evening – in Italy, it’s generally between 5-8pm. Its purpose is to enjoy the company of friends and family, and prepare you for an enjoyable meal.


Enjoy Aperitivo anywhere: at home, in a bar or perhaps sitting by the ocean at Cinqueterre – as long as it’s relaxing, you are in good company and have delicious food and drinks. It’s common to move on to another spot for dinner after an Aperol Spritz and a nibble.


An aperitif served with light nibbles is the essence of Aperitivo Hour. Aperol Spritz is the most popular aperitif in Italy, with over a million Aperol Spritz served in Italy every day.

A variety of foods like cheese, salumi (cured meats), anchovies, sardines, pickled vegetables, olives, nuts, grissini (breadsticks), crisps and dip are common at any Aperitivo occasion. Some bars offer Antipasto plates for grazing before dinner – the perfect accompaniment for your Aperol Spritz!

Learn how to cater for Aperitivo with these delicious recipes.


Aperitivo Hour is a social occasion where conversation with friends and family is part of the ritual – so make a habit of it with your nearest and dearest.


If you need a reason to enjoy an Aperol Spritz and a slice of cheese, well, then you need a trip to Italy as soon as possible! Aperitivo Hour is part of everyday Italian culture and helps close out the day in preparation for dinner and leisure time. Demonstrate your appreciation for the finer things in life with this sophisticated lifestyle statement.

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