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Easy Easter Entertaining with Aperol Spritz

The Easter long weekend is upon us and it opens so many opportunities to socialise with friends & family.

The Easter long weekend is upon us and it opens so many opportunities to socialise with friends & family. Here we’ve shared a few of our favourite Easter entertaining tips to make your celebration no matter big or small, that little bit more memorable


Our sun-kissed tan has started to fade and each morning sunrise starts to feel a little crisper than the last, Easter almost greets us as celebration of the change in season. This provides a variety of beautifully fresh produce to cook with. Some of our favourite pairings are: fennel & citrus for a zesty toss salad, figs or rockmelon paired with salty cured meats, and warm roasted vegetable salads of brussel sprouts, cauliflower or broccoli.


There is something truly blissful about the understated spirit of the Easter season. Getting a little creative and purposely mixing & matching your table setting in the same palette can be just the touch to meet that understated spirit. Interior Stylist, Jason Grant suggests starting with neutral tones as a foundation like a blank canvas, then start to incorporate pops of colour. You can then add some texture with a selection of glassware & cutlery sets, mixing old & new.


Sometimes too many cooks in the kitchen can be a good thing. Cooking together, sharing stories and a laugh is a custom traditionally practiced by our Italian ancestors. Preparing a delicious meal with your friends or family also creates such a humbling sense of satisfaction for everyone (just make sure everyone hangs around to help clean up). For those of the group less culinary inclined, can be tasked with the pouring fresh Spritzes, it’s as simple as 3,2,1 – In a large wine glass full of ice, pour 3 parts Prosecco (90mLs), 2 parts Aperol (60mLs) & 1 part Soda water (30mls), garnish with an orange wedge.


It always nice to enjoy a meal when everything you need is at the table. This doesn’t mean 6 different forks that leaves everyone feeling confused – a shared occasion should be more chaotic and convivial than pretentious. Serving family style means everyone is passing dishes across the table and interacting with each other.

Wishing all our Aperol adorers and safe & joyful Easter season! Show us how you #ShareASpritz this long weekend @aperolspritzau


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