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How to bring a touch of Italy to your Christmas

Everyone does Christmas in their own special way... but it’s easy to make it extra festive by adding a little Italian style and Aperol Spritz.

While Aperitivo Hour is typically enjoyed from afternoon to early evening, you can still start Christmas Day festivities with an Aperol Spritz and delicious Aperitivo snacks before the main meal.


There’s no better way to toast a celebration with family and friends than with an Aperol Spritz. Preparation is simple – In a large wine glass full of ice (the more the better), add 3 parts Prosecco (90mls), 2 parts Aperol (60mls), 1 part soda water (30mls, just a dash) then garnish with an orange wedge. This video will show you how to make the perfect Aperol Spritz.


Typical Australian Christmas foods like prawns can make great Aperitivo snacks to keep the family happy until the ham is ready. BBQ King Prawns with Avocado and Fresh Tomato Salsa perfectly accompany an Aperol Spritz and suit the hot Australian Christmas weather.

Another classic Italian snack is Pizzette (mini pizzas) that are easy to make and quick to serve – you can even prepare them the day before!

Another classic Italian snack is Pizzette (mini pizzas) that are easy to make and quick to serve – you can even prepare them the day before!

What’s more Italian than pasta? Christmas in Italy is traditionally celebrated on Christmas Eve after a day of fasting. A large meal of pasta followed by fish is shared with family and friends. Add a touch of this tradition to your festive meal by serving Spaghetti with King Salmon, Chilli, Rocket and Capers as a first course – make sure you serve small portions to save room for the main meal!

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