Aperol Spritz



Nadia Rosa's tips and tricks for great entertainment.

Entertaining is something I enjoy doing on a regular basis with my girlfriends, I love to play host! Surrounding yourself with girlfriends, vibrant conversations full of laughter and a great playlist.

For some, entertaining can be nightmare, but the truth is that it doesn’t need to be complicated or fancy, if you nail the basics.

First, you need know what food and drink you want to serve; this can be where things get complicated for most, but simple can also be premium. I like to prepare a wonderful grazing board. Something that would be suitable to everyone with a good selection of cheese, cured meats, grapes, dips and selection of breads. Basic but with no cooking time required and have you known someone not to enjoy a grazing board?

Then you must select your beverage of choice, I try to always ensure that it pairs well with my food selection. For me, you cannot go past an Aperol Spritz, it’s not only delicious but simple to prepare, looks fantastic and gives your guest a delightful surprise as they arrive. The preparation of an Aperol Spritz is quick and easy, something I find important when entertaining. Simply fill a large wine glass with plenty of ice, add 3 parts Prosecco (90mls), 2 parts Aperol (60mls), and 1 part soda (30mls). Garnish with an orange wedge.

Ensure that you set the mood with big, beautiful, bright florals. I like to place them in the center of the dining and coffee table, so people are instantly drawn to the main seating areas when they arrived. I like to use vibrant pink tones as I find that they complement my food & Aperol Spritz perfectly.

Having music in the background is essential. Personally, I like to prepare my own mix of music that is appropriate to the season, I include nothing to overpowering but ensure that it is upbeat and playful. If you don’t enjoy creating your own playlist, Spotify has a great selection, just pick your mood or genre and go.

Now all you need to do is sit back and relax with good company and an Aperol Spritz in hand!


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