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Libby Gardner shares her essential steps to creating a simply stunning Grazing Table.

Libby Gardner, founder of The Platter Project shares her essential steps to creating a simply stunning Grazing Table

  1. Pick your own produce – Chat to your local green grocer about what’s fresh and in season. 
  2. If you don’t have any styling items at home, place a dinner plate on top of a bowl to create height, similar to a cake stand, adding dimension to your grazing table.
  3. Use big, whole pieces of fruit such as oranges, pineapple and coconuts as your decorative elements. Contrast this with berries or dried fruits to bring vibrancy & colour to your table.
  4. Slice one or two of your cheeses into cubes making it easy for your guests to pick up and eat.
  5. Have something available for all dietary requirements such as vegan and coeliac, so that no one misses out at your party. Also be aware of anyone with allergies.
  6. Always line your surface with baking paper for hygiene purposes – this also makes cleaning up much easier!
  7. Depending on how big your grazing table is, start your preparation earlier in the day. I recommend setting up 30mins (15mins in summer) before your guests arrive so that cheeses can get to room temperature. 
  8. Don’t leave any gaps! When you think the platter is complete there is always room to add a little more
  9. Learn a few facts about your ingredients, such as where your cheeses come from or how they are made. I guarantee your platter will be a huge talking point so it’s always good to know. 
  10. Take note of what people will be drinking so you can pair them with your ingredients.


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